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The people behind RANservices:

Matt Keck

Our team also includes:

  • Programmers

  • Web developers

  • Graphic artists

  • Network security specialists

  • Data entry experts

Josh Keck

RANservices background:

Since 1986, RAN Services has been committed to providing our clients with the very best technology solutions available. In 2001, we began working with our first global client to provide customized customer response and large-data applications.


Client Results: Millions of customer responses collected, processed, and organized for our clients.


In 2012, we developed the MAParmor Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Protection Tool. We've worked closely with each of our client partners to design, test, refine, deliver and implement a powerful tool exactly to their specifications. Our client's new and unprecedented ability to collect industry-wide pricing data, detect and report pricing violations, and improve brand integrity across the board has been nothing short of game-changing.


Client Results: More consistent brand pricing in the marketplace while saving millions in advertising subsidies.

Building on that success, with the feedback of our client partners, we have been able to add progressive innovations so that our Competitive Intelligence offerings now include:


  • Surface and In-Cart Pricing

  • Print Ad Data Collection and Reporting

  • Share of Voice Measurement  

  • Rating and Review Analysis

  • Product Specifications and Attributes



Plus, all of our solutions are online, on-demand, and easy-to-use.


Client Results: Unparalleled access to real-world data empowering them to make more informed, more effective pricing, sales, and marketing strategies.


We believe that our job is to make your work easier and make you look good.


We know that you have a job to do, goals to reach, and deadlines to meet.


What you need is someone who can come alongside you, understand your business, and deliver powerful, effective solutions that produce results to help you get the job done. 


What you want is a team that can anticipate your needs, respond quickly to your requests, and create personalized solutions for your unique situation.


What you have is a partner with 30 years experience working with companies to provide smart solutions that streamline their work so that they can focus on building their business.


We create solutions through collaboration, responsiveness, innovation, and simplicity.


We work together

We dont just think of our clients as clients, we think of them as partners. We work closely with our client partners to understand their goals and desired results. From there, we develop and refine our tools to make sure that they deliver.


We respond quickly

We understand that you want timely responses, especially as new projects are assigned, deadlines get moved up, and opportunities emerge. We prioritize responsiveness and address our client's needs as quickly as possible.


We keep getting better

We know that business needs change. Yesterday's tools must adapt and evolve to meet today's requirements. We look for ways to improve our tools with custom optimizations that make them smarter, faster, and more reliable.


We make things simple

Who wants a cookie cutter program that only does part of the job and then requires extra steps to finish it? Our goal is a complete solution designed with you in mind: intuitive, straight-forward, and simple.



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